A Bad Idea Gone Wrong (DIFF 2017) – A Review


My time at this year’s Dallas International Film Festival involved engulfing myself in some of the best comedies of the year (so far). It all started with a screening of A Bad Idea Gone Wrong, which previously won the special jury award for Best Ensemble at last month’s SXSW. The indie comedy romp comes from writer/director Jason Headley, and stars Matt Jones (Breaking Bad), Will Rogers, and Eleanore Pienta. The journey Headley takes these actors on includes many surprises and even more belly-laughs.

A Bad Idea Gone Wrong opens with Leo (Rogers) and Marlon (Jones) in a diner, plotting a heist they’ve seemingly been attempting to commit to for a while. This scene will evoke memories of the way Pulp Fiction opens, then will go onto even verbally referencing that iconic opening scene in a joking manner. This scene’s quick-witted dialogue sets the tone and pacing you’re about to experience throughout the picture.


After the two agree to burgle an unoccupied house Leo vouched for, they immediately begin their devious quest. Soon after breaking in quietly, they find the house sitter Darcy (Pienta) sleeping in the guest room, which puts them in a dilemma – or rather literally defines A Bad Idea Gone Wrong. What ensues from this point, you should see for yourself. The chemistry between the three leads and the aforementioned hilarious dialogue anchor the film and deserve to be experienced.

A facet a majority of audiences will appreciate in A Bad Idea Gone Wrong is its strong relatability. Leo is contending with a broken heart all over again after his ex gets engaged to another man, which inspires him to make quite a bit of crazy decisions, one after another. However, we’ve all been there at one point or another, either to lesser or larger degrees. Seeing Leo’s desperation to touch and be in the same company as his memories with her is a very human quality and part of the average life experience. He comes off as dramatically pathetic at times, but the right amount of pitiful in others. It adds a surprisingly deeper meaning behind the abundance of chuckles.

An official release date hasn’t yet been specified for A Bad Idea Gone Wrong, but keep your eyes peeled for whenever this hits theaters or VOD. Despite a few character imperfections, based on all the consistent laughs – whether situational or via the clever dialogue – and the underlying heart of the film beneath the madness, watching A Bad Idea Gone Wrong isn’t that bad of an idea at all.

Grade: B+


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